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#1 TL4Ed: Applying Digital Citizenship Skills in the Classroom

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Webinar: Applying Digital Citizenship Skills in the Classroom

Date: October 17, 2019

Topic: Applying Digital Citizenship Skills in the Classroom

We’ll discuss how to move Digital Citizenship from a content area that needs to be learned to a set of behaviors that need to be practices, and how to help guide students into making these behaviors habitual.

Thought Leader Guest: Melissa Davis

Melissa Davis – Melissa is a former award winning feature film producer and serial entrepreneur, who is extremely passionate about providing tools for students to achieve a better future. Melissa is the CEO and co-founder of GoEnnounce.  GoEnnounce is an award winning, student portfolio for schools & districts.  Students learn to promote individual aspirations and how to grow a personal learning network, while practicing appropriate digital citizenship. Melissa has authored pieces for Edutopia & Edtech Digest and presented nationally on the importance of students building positive digital footprints for college and career readiness. She holds a BA from the University of Michigan and an MFA, University of Southern California. 

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