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#2 TL4Ed: Supporting Teachers: Improving Professional Development

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Date: November 14, 2019

Topic: Supporting Teachers: Improving Professional Development

How can we better retain new teachers? How can we support veteran teachers in a constantly changing environment? We’ll explore these questions and more with Ilya Zeldin.

Thought Leader Guest: Ilya Zeldin

Ilya Zeldin – Ilya Zeldin is the founder and CEO of 2gnoME (To know me), an award-winning platform that puts teachers at the center of their professional development. The platform is content-agnostic and inter-operable with any learning management system and any learning framework or set of standards. For admin-level leaders and coaches, 2gnoME clarifies who needs what kind of learning in the first place, to personalize the learning experience for every teacher – at a massive scale – and measure its usefulness and impact. Before 2gnoMe, Ilya led several technology start-ups and managed the global cloud program at Dell Software. Follow 2gnoME on Twitter @2gnoME We’ll discuss how to move Digital Citizenship from a content area that needs to be learned to a set of behaviors that need to be practices, and how to help guide students into making these behaviors habitual.

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