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#11b TL4Ed-PT2: Library Closed? What Are You Reading? Help Is On The Way! Guest: Amy Stefanski – Part 2


School and public libraries are closed as students, teachers, and everyone are staying home helping to flatten the curve and avoid creating the post-apocolyptic world we’ve all read about in popular YA-fiction. So what should we do while we’re stuck at home? Read a book! I’ll sit down with Amy Stefanski (@Amy_Stefanski), a school librarian in the Dunlap Community School District in Peoria, IL and host of the D323 podcast. We’ll talk about what she’s reading, and what you might want to read. How to help your students find books to read, and how to get access to them. Worried that reading to your students over video isn’t copyright friendly? Don’t worry, we’ve got that covered too!

Part 2: In this half our episode, Amy takes more questions from the audience on topics like copyright, finding free and low cost books for kids, and more!

Referenced Resources

Note: Some of the following are commercial providers and are not necessarily free. They were discussed by Amy, Jeff, or other participants on the live episode recording. Edmoxie has no affiliation with any of these entities and lists them purely for your reference!

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  1. One of our audience members also suggested as a place for kids to find books. It is not a provider of books so much as a site that tries to connect you with books you might like by asking you what you’ve read in the past and liked. So a bit like Amazon’s purchase suggestions….If you bought this, how buy that? This site isn’t built for kids, so check out their privacy policy as they do work with 3rd-party companies sometimes, and you may get some advertising from them, so make your own decisions about the appropriateness of the site depending on the age of your students, etc. Personally, I use the site, and it does help me find books for my own leisure reading!

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