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#12b TL4Ed-PT2: Elementary Science Learning At Home – Guest: Beth Heidemann

Show notes

This is part two of my conversation with Beth Heidemann. In this part of our conversation, Beth takes questions from the audience including how to engage young learners, and what’s the most important thing to teach young learners.

Show notes

Teaching elementary-aged learners science and designing engaging and hands-on learning activities to help our young learners explore the world around them can be a challenging task for even the most experienced teacher. Come join me for a conversation and Q&A session with Beth Heidemann (@Beth_Heidemann). She will share tips and ideas about how to engage kids science learning from their home, using materials found in the home and their local environment. Beth lives in Maine, and she was a kindergarten teacher for 25 years, and she was awarded the 2012 Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching. She achieved National Board Certification as early childhood generalist, and was the 2014 Knox County Teacher of the year.  A PBS Tech lead innovator, she is now the co-founder of Go2Science that brings engaging science learning projects and curricula to K-2 classrooms across the nation.

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