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#14 TL4Ed-PT3 Considerations for Remote Learning Through The Lens of SAMR and the EdTech Quintet — Guest Dr. Ruben Puentedura

TL4Ed Live! with Ruben Puentedura

Show Notes

In part three of this three part interview, Ruben fields more questions from listeners including his thoughts about assessment and emergency remote learning, the interaction of the TPACK model and SAMR, and his thoughts about the future of education, in general, as a result of the COVID19 challenges.


Dr. Ruben Puentedura (@rubenrp) joins us on the TL4Ed podcast! Remote Learning has unexpectedly altered everyone’s classroom plans. For many teachers, this has meant an introduction of new technologies to the mix, and for others, while they may have already had a technology-rich learning environment, the setting has still changed to online and remote learning. We’ll discuss Ruben’s SAMR model and EdTech Quintet framework — what are they? How can educators use them today and into the future to help with lesson planning and the use of edtech with their students and for their own personal productivity? And, of course, we’ll be taking your questions!