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#15 TL4Ed: Rethinking Tech Support For The COVID19 Quarantine-Guests Jim Morrill and Andy Wallace

Rethinking Tech Support For The COVID19 Quarantine

Show Notes

Jim and Andy share their experiences and challenges shifting their tech support practices to accommodate the COVID 19 quarantines.

I also missed a question that was submitted because Jim answered it in text before I saw it! Sorry Glynis!


For 19 years, Maine’s schools have had 1:1 programs, and students have been taking them home at night since the very beginning. When social distancing efforts began, and schools transitioned to remote learning, despite all of the collective experience of Maine schools, and their technology professionals, schools needed to invent new processes to support students and staff.  Join us for a discussion on digital device support with Jim Morrill, Director of Technology, Regional School Unit 25, Bucksport, Maine and Andrew Wallace, Director of Technology, South Portland Schools, South Portland, Maine. You will learn from almost 20 years of supporting device deployments, and how they pivoted to support home bound users.

Jim Morrill is the Technology Director for Regional School Unit 25 and the Town of Bucksport.  He is also the owner and Principal Advisor at Morrill Technology, a technology consulting and solutions firm in Central Maine.  He has been a developer, trainer and consultant for companies from 3 to 125,000 employees.  With formal education in programming, cyber security, digital forensics and job responsibilities encompassing everything from the firewall to the timeclock, he has become a tomb of technology knowledge and enjoys working in the Education Technology field.

Andrew Wallace (@andrewtwallace) has been the technology director for South Portland Schools in Maine for the past 17 years. He is President of the Maine Educational Technology Directors Association (METDA) and represents Maine schools on the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES) Forum. A former librarian, Wallace is interested in spreading the Learning Commons model and helping to imagine and create effective learning spaces.

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