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3DBear Sample

3DBear — Augmented Reality and Digital Story Telling

What is it? 3DBear is a media creation tool that allows you to insert 3D objects into your “real world” space via Augmented Reality (AR) to record video or take photos. It includes a large library of objects ready for use that includes a wide variety of objects ranging from geometric shapes, the alphabet, and animals to dinosaurs, planets, and vegetables. Students can use 3DBear to design a space, tell… Read More »3DBear — Augmented Reality and Digital Story Telling

Personalized PD - Three teachers pointed at different resources for each

2gnoME — Personalized PD for Teachers

What is it? 2gnōMe (To know me) is a cloud platform that puts teachers at the center of their professional development. Winner of multiple awards in education, this platform clarifies for leadership who needs what kind of learning in the first place, and uses data to personalize teachers’ professional learning experience, at a massive scale. The platform is content agnostic and inter-operable with any learning management system and easily incorporates… Read More »2gnoME — Personalized PD for Teachers

GoEnnounce Screenshot

GoEnnounce – Student Digital Portfolios as an active learning tool

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What is it? GoEnnounce is a web-based software platform that was created by Melissa and Meghan Davis, that allows students to maintain a digital portfolio. Unlike some digital portfolio tools, it provides an easy way for students to upload and store digital artifacts including documents, images, video, and audio. Key features GoEnnounce is more than just a storage system. Throughout the platform, GoEnnounce provides school/district administrative management over the interface… Read More »GoEnnounce – Student Digital Portfolios as an active learning tool