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Providing Equity Through Sustainability

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Goodbye to BYOD, Hello New Normal

There’s a lot of talk going on now about the “New Normal” and what will life be like after the quarantines end. Will there be an effective vaccine? And if so, when will it be widely available? What happens if we are unable to develop an effective vaccine? Or, even if we do, will K12 schooling be forever changed as we all reconsider what it means to be prepared for a… Read More »Goodbye to BYOD, Hello New Normal

Blended 5.0

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Years ago at the start of the Maine Learning Technology Initiative, we made a conscious decision to not push too hard on the “adoption” of digital textbooks. It was 2002, and digital content was not readily available. Further, the Internet was not what it is today. Streaming video was not available. Many people were still accessing the Internet via a telephone modem. Web 2.0 and the existence of web-based Learning… Read More »Blended 5.0

#12b TL4Ed-PT2: Elementary Science Learning At Home – Guest: Beth Heidemann

Show notes This is part two of my conversation with Beth Heidemann. In this part of our conversation, Beth takes questions from the audience including how to engage young learners, and what’s the most important thing to teach young learners. Show notes Teaching elementary-aged learners science and designing engaging and hands-on learning activities to help our young learners explore the world around them can be a challenging task for even… Read More »#12b TL4Ed-PT2: Elementary Science Learning At Home – Guest: Beth Heidemann

#6 TL4Ed: Interview with First Grade Teacher Tiffany Roberts – Online Learning with Elementary Learners – Part 1

In this episode, I interviewed Tiffany Roberts, first grade teacher at the Lake Lucina Elementary School, Duval County Public Schools in Florida. This is part 1 of a 2 part interview where we learn about Tiffany’s experiences teaching young elementary-aged students online long before social distancing and long before schools around the country began switching to online learning. 

Tool Tip: Leveraging the MacOS Accessibility Zoom feature

Tool Tips: Screen Zoom for Media Creation

Another quick tool tip for you! I use this technique a lot during live workshops when I’m demonstrating how to use a piece of software, or if I need to bring attention to a certain place on the screen. Whether you are watching a screencast or a live demonstration projected on the wall, using the Screen Zoom feature is an easy way to make it easier to emphasize a part… Read More »Tool Tips: Screen Zoom for Media Creation

Screencast of making video with slides

#5 TL4Ed: Content Creation For the Quarantined Teacher

This post has a podcast episode that talks about the content below, but it isn’t a word-for-word reading of this post, so please give a listen! I’ll be sharing my thoughts about media creation for teachers now at home and working to teach their students online or remote as a result of the social distancing measures being employed by schools across the globe.  If you have questions or comments, please… Read More »#5 TL4Ed: Content Creation For the Quarantined Teacher

Tool Tips: Keynote Animations and more

This video was made to support a blog post about different approaches to creating video content to support learning and instruction — especially in light of the disruption caused by the Corona virus pandemic. If you have questions, please leave me a comment below! If you’d like to see the Pi Day video that resulted from the explanations in this video, click here! See other Tool Tip Videos