Getting to know you

Introductory Meeting

Schedule a free 30 minute call with us. You can share what you do, and where you see your challenges, and we’ll help you assess what your next steps might be, and how we can help. No Cost.

Edmoxie SAMR Audit

Ready to dig in? Schedule a 90 minute Edmoxie SAMR Audit. We’ll examine your solution, and how you improve and enhance the learning opportunities for students. Explore your sales and marketing strategy, and discuss how you implement your solution. Edmoxie will produce a written report for you that examines your product/services against the SAMR model.

Webinars for Solution Providers

State Landscape Series

In each episode, will explore with a local expert the funding and policy landscape of a state. You will learn about how schools and districts procure solutions, and what types of funding are available. Further, how does state policy create opportunities for your solution?

Edmoxie Professional Development for Companies

In each episode, we will explore foundational K12 topics that are essential for your company to serve the K12 system. We’ll hear from national experts and get advice on topics including State and Federal Funding, Interoperability, Data Privacy, and Accessibility/ADA/508 compliance, 

Consulting for EdTech Companies

Edmoxie specializes in providing strategic consulting services to solution providers in four areas: 1) State Implementation, 2) Professional Development, 3) One-to-One computing, and 4) Procurement.

State Implementation

State Education agencies rarely purchase school-based solutions, and every states will tell you they are “local control”. There is a lot of geography to cover! How is your company growing its presence in different states? Is it worth it to try and grow in smaller states? Are you really ready to tackle “big markets” like NYCDOE, CPS, LAUSD, or HISD? We will help you understand how and when to address these markets.


Professional Development

Companies like to say their product is easy to use, and it will save teachers and students time. You may have the most innovative solution to an age-old problem, but if schools, teachers, and students are unable to appropriately use your solution, it won’t matter. How are you helping schools implement your innovations? Is your implementation truly scalable? We will help you develop effective professional development strategies so that your solution delivers as you promised.

One-to-One Computing

One-to-One Computing has moved into the mainstream, and most all schools are implementing or planning to implement. Is your solution one-to-one friendly? Is it truly scalable? Understanding the nuances of implementation of any solution in a large-scale one-to-one learning environment is often counter-intuitive. We will help you navigate the one-to-one landscape to ensure that your solution is one-to-one friendly for students, teachers, families, IT staff, and administrators.


Public procurement can be a tricky jungle to navigate. Classroom sales can be great, but often a school or district purchase requires winning a competitive RFP. Understanding the difference between commodity and non-commodity purchasing will help you respond appropriately. We will help you craft language that speaks to educators, and helps them understand how your solution solves their problem.