Partner Professional Development

Edmoxie brings expert professional development to corporate partners from Jeff Mao and other national experts. We cover topics we know our corporate partners need to be successful in the K12 education market. 

State Landscape Series

In each episode, will explore with a local expert the funding and policy landscape of a state. You will learn about how schools and districts procure solutions, and what types of funding are available. Further, how does state policy create opportunities for your solution?

This series will host at least 6 episodes per year.

Edmoxie Professional Development for Companies

In each episode, we will explore foundational K12 topics that are essential for your company to serve the K12 system. We’ll hear from national experts and get advice on topics including State and Federal Funding, Interoperability, Data Privacy, and Accessibility/ADA/508 compliance, 

This series will host at least 6 episodes per year.

Individual Webinar Episodes: $500 Annual subscription to one series, including all archived webinars: $2500 Annual Subscription to both series, including all archived webinars: $4500
If you are startup company, and you need special pricing, please contact us!

Topic: Understanding State and Federal Funding

Date and Time: TBD

Description: We will explore the nuances of federal funding streams to schools including Title I, II, and Title IV. Additionally, we’ll take a look at state funding and what different types of funding arrangements different states have, and why understanding the difference is important. Is eRate a federal funding stream? We’ll address this and more in a conversation with Candace Dodson, Executive Director for the State Educational Technology Directors Association..

We’re just getting started! All webinars will be archived here for you to review at anytime.