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Professional Development

#IDEACon – SAMR: More Than a Model

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SAMR: More Than A Model Workshop Materials Wednesday, February 26, 11:15 am • #IDEACon •Schaumburg, IL Session Description: The SAMR model, developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura, has been around for close to 20 years. Can anything that’s been around education that long really be useful anymore? The answer is, YES! Your veteran teachers are the foundation of your faculty, and SAMR is more relevant today for most educators than it… Read More »#IDEACon – SAMR: More Than a Model

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A SAMR Assessment example

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In a recent post, I shared a simple way to assess your use of technology with the SAMR model. I wanted to provide an example of what this looks like in action. Let’s run through an example of students writing an essay for Mr. Smith’s high school US History 11 class. “Old” way Mr. Smith’s school is not a 1:1 school, and access to computers and good broadband outside of… Read More »A SAMR Assessment example

SAMR Model

Assessing Your EdTech Use With SAMR

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I often see posts and get questions from educators asking whether or not a product is good. Or if what they are doing is right. Sometimes it’s phrased in the form, “How do I know if what I’m doing is better?” All of these questions revolve around a simple fundamental question, “Should I do (or use) this or not?” For many years, I’ve pointed educators at the SAMR model created… Read More »Assessing Your EdTech Use With SAMR

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#3 TL4Ed: Interview with Aaron White of Script

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An interview I gave on the Script Innovate and Educate: Rising Education Leaders podcast hosted by Aaron White. The interview was originally recorded on November 7, 2019. Aaron and I had a wide ranging conversation that includes discussions of my background and early experiences in edtech to questions about who is driving innovation in today’s world. 

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#2 TL4Ed: Supporting Teachers: Improving Professional Development

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Date: November 14, 2019 Topic: Supporting Teachers: Improving Professional Development How can we better retain new teachers? How can we support veteran teachers in a constantly changing environment? We’ll explore these questions and more with Ilya Zeldin. Thought Leader Guest: Ilya Zeldin Ilya Zeldin – Ilya Zeldin is the founder and CEO of 2gnoME (To know me), an award-winning platform that puts teachers at the center of their professional development. The platform is content-agnostic… Read More »#2 TL4Ed: Supporting Teachers: Improving Professional Development